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Hey there!

Our dental team at Children’s Dentistry of Kenosha is like a bunch of dental superheroes, but with way friendlier smiles!

Dr. Reyerson and the crew are all about making your kiddos feel like rockstars when they stroll into our office.

Your Dentist?

Dr. Reyerson isn’t just a dentist; she’s the captain of our dental dream team. She’s got a knack for making every little one feel at ease, and her superpower is turning dental visits into a breeze.

The dental hygienists and assistants?

They’re like dental ninjas – quick, gentle, and making sure those pearly whites are shining bright. But wait, it gets better.

Our front desk squad? They’re the welcoming committee, armed with warm smiles and an uncanny ability to turn paperwork into a breeze. Need a sticker or two? They’ve got a stash that rivals a candy store.

Our Practice?

And don’t even get us started on the decor – it’s like walking into a dental wonderland. From colorful walls to the coolest waiting room, we’ve turned the whole dental experience into an adventure.

So yeah, that’s us – a bunch of dental enthusiasts who are here to make your child’s trip to the dentist feel more like a playdate. Because taking care of those little teeth? That’s what we do best!

Our patients
love us ‪‪❤︎

  • It was an amazing experience. The staff and dentist were so kind and patient. My kids all loved having their cleanings

    Wendy Miles Avatar Wendy Miles
  • Loved Children’s Dentistry of Kenosha. Very friendly and welcoming. Knowledgeable staff. My 3 kids really enjoyed the visit.

    Jennifer Lawler Avatar Jennifer Lawler
  • They are so kind here!!

    Mimi Longo Avatar Mimi Longo
  • The staff is so friendly and patient! I saw so many amazing reviews before coming here for my son’s first dental appointment and they did not disappoint! Very impressed!

    Rebecca Goergen Avatar Rebecca Goergen
  • Dr. Jane and staff are absolutely amazing!

    Ashley Urban Avatar Ashley Urban

Meet Dr. Jane

She’s always available to wiggle out a tooth, evaluate a dental concern, and help maintain a healthy smile.

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